Chairman's Biography

Chatri Sophonpanich was appointed Chairman of the Board of Directors and Advisor to the Executive Board of Bangkok Bank in 1999.

Born in Thailand on February 28, 1934, Mr. Chatri is the second son of the founder of Bangkok Bank, Mr. Chin Sophonpanich. He was educated in Hong Kong at the Kwang Tai High Accountancy College and furthered his studies at the Regent Street Polytechnic of London and the Institute of Bankers in England. He also received vocational training at the Royal Bank of Scotland.

Mr. Chatri started his career in banking in 1958 at Asia Trust Co. Ltd as assistant vice president. He then took the same position at Bangkok Bank in 1959 and became President in 1980. His Presidency of 12 years at Bangkok Bank was regarded the "Golden Period" as he introduced the policy of "the Quality Bank" and advanced technology, including the first online network of any bank in the country.

Mr. Chatri was also appointed to several important offices related to businesses both domestically and internationally. These included the Chairman of the Thai Bankers' Association for three years, Chairman of the Asian Banking Council, a Member of the International Business Leaders' Advisory for the Mayor of Shanghai (IBLAC), and Honorary Advisory to The Federation of Thai Industries. He also received an Honorary Degree of Business Management from De La Salle University in the Philippines and an Honorary Degree of Law from Peperdine in the US. In 2004, the Asia Pacific Bankers Congress (APBC) honored Mr. Chatri with the prestigious Lifetime Achievement Award. The award recognizes bankers who have made outstanding contributions to the development and improvement of Asia's banking industry.

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