Bualuang Crafts Competition

The Bangkok Bank Foundation recognizes the importance of preserving and maintaining traditional Thai arts and crafts. The Foundation wishes to encourage Thai artisans to continue to create exquisite handcrafted work to preserve and maintain Thailand’s cultural heritage.

The Foundation therefore has initiated the “Bualuang Crafts Competition” to encourage Thai artisans who are skilled and talented to create fine workmanship in various categories that reflect the unique characteristics of Thai arts and culture and to offer them a venue to exhibit their work.

In 2012, Bangkok Bank launched the inaugural competition under the topic: “Metalware, chasing, repoussé and engraving” by inviting submissions of work in the metalware chasing category, namely khan (a bowl-shaped water container used for drinking or bathing), tok (a food tray with multiple stands commonly used in Northern Thailand), tiab (a food tray with a base and a cone-liked lid), talum (a deep circular tray from the Northeastern region), pan (a circular tray with pedestal) and boxes.

Category of Thai Crafts

The award competition includes two categories of Thai crafts, which are:

1. Traditional Thai Crafts – handcrafted work created with a process, concept, technique, and pattern that maintains the uniquely Thai traditional characteristics

2. Creative Thai Crafts – handcrafted work created with a process, concept, technique, pattern, story, and content that reflects authentic Thai characteristics
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Winners Announced! 
The Bangkok Bank Foundations offers its congratulations to the artists who won prizes in this year’s Bualuang Crafts Competition for the “Metalware, chasing, repoussé and engraving” category. Click here.
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