Bualuang Painting

Initiated in 1974 by the Bangkok Bank Foundation, the Bualuang Painting competition has flourished
for three decades, providing strength in Thai arts
and culture through encouraging valuable art by
Thai artists.

The renowned Bualuang Painting competition is the most prestigious in the country. Many previous winners have since gone on to become great artists, some honored as National Artists.

Painting Categories

The Bualuang Painting Competition includes three categories:

    1. Thai traditional
    Paintings with a form, creative processes, techniques and content consistent with traditional Thai arts.

    2. Thai semi-traditional
    Paintings with a form, creative processes, techniques and content which adapts the essence of Thai arts, but with in a unique way to suit current trends.

    3. Thai contemporary
    A free and modern expression by Thai artists.

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    Winners Announced!
    The Bualuang Foundation offers its congratulations to the artists who won prizes in this year’s Bualuang Painting Competition. Click here.
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