Manage your capital and foreign exchange exposure with Bangkok Bank

We provide foreign exchange trading services in all major currencies including currencies of Asian countries to support your needs wherever you do business.We offer extremely competitive all the currencies that we trade.

With hedging instruments, you can manage your foreign exchange fluctuation exposure. Our corporate dealers will keep you abreast of any significant movements, as well as the most up-to-date market trends in the world's currencies via telephone, SMS and e-mail, etc.

We can advise you about the most appropriate products to use for hedging, such as forward contract, US Dollar and Thai Baht cross currency and interest rate swaps.

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We match buyers to sellers by actively participating in both the primary and secondary markets for government bonds, corporate debentures, and guaranteed and non-guaranteed state enterprise bonds.

We offer a range of Renminbi (RMB) transaction services to help support business with China. Our RMB trade services include Letters of Credit (L/C), Funds Transfers, Currency Exchange, Foreign Currency Deposit Accounts and RMB/THB Forwards.

MYR Services

As an Appointed Cross Currency Dealer (ACCD) announced by the Bank of Thailand and the Bank Negara Malaysia (effective March 14th, 2016), we have been granted the flexibilities to provide a greater range of financial services which are Ringgit Deposits, Trade Financing and Currency Exchange including MYR/THB Forwards to hedge the exchange rate risk.

Bangkok Bank is one of Southeast Asia’s leading regional banks with 32 branches in 15 significant economic zones in the world, including wholly-owned subsidiaries in China and Malaysia. Our local staffs have in-depth knowledge of their markets and are happy to share with you their knowledge news, and information which may be useful for your business.

Our extensive global network of international branches, subsidiaries and correspondent banks means we can help you manage your international trade in the most convenient way possible.
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Daily Market Reports
Get a daily outlook on a range of trade data, including FOREX and THB Bonds market prices, deposit and lending rates and more.

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