Bangkok Bank is a strong supporter of the small and medium sized enterprises who form the back-bone of this country. In order to help this vitally important sector, we offer a wide range of targeted and subsidized loans - which means SMEs can get loans at rates normally reserved for grade A customers.
We also organize seminars and workshops for customers throughout Thailand. These provide training about business strategy and business planning. These seminars are an important opportunity for networking and learning from the experience of other entrepreneurs. In addition we put out numerous publications for SMEs.
One company which has benefited from these seminars is Pizza Today. This company began as Alfredo's Flying Pizza, in a roadside kiosk only seven years ago. Today, under its new name Pizza Today, it has grown to be a thriving business with a retail turnover approaching 100 million Baht a year. This was made possible by the support of Bangkok Bank.

Mr. Supakit Rungrote President and CEO of Pizza Today was a participant in our SME seminars and says they have been very helpful in building his business. "I am confident that with determination, patience and enthusiasm and the support of Bangkok Bank Pizza Today will become a flourishing Thai fast food chain."
Thousands of customers take part in Bangkok Bank seminars and workshops every year, while more than 2000 customers subscribe to the Bank's SME newsletter.
At Bangkok Bank we have been in the trade finance business for more than 50 years and our experienced officers are available to advise customers every step along the way - from paying for raw materials to providing customs guarantees when finished goods arrive at their destination. Thanks to Bangkok Bank's financial support and advice - many of Thailand's top companies got their start on the road to success.
Even though a business may be very successful in the domestic market, some owners still hesitate to take the additional step of selling their products overseas.  This is where the Bank's long years of experience, and the practical knowledge of its officers, can be helpful. 
One of our customers Mrs Phornnit Loarirk-uthai, the owner of the Thai-silk factory, which produces "Mimi Design", explains that the encouragement she received from the Bank was a crucial factor in her decision to expand her business.

"Because of a friendly approach from the Bank's relationship manager and support team, we have developed a good understanding of the financial and banking system. The Bank encouraged me to expand my business to overseas markets and gave me the financial support and assistance I needed to do so."
We are experienced in both the import and export side of business - and through our strong international network, we are able to provide reliable, competitive and flexible financing.
For more about our trade finance services click here.
Other advisory services for importers and exporters are provided by our International Business division and the Chinese Relations Department.
Companies in Thailand face exciting opportunities and tough challenges as competition increases. Fortunately, they have a strong partner in Bangkok Bank, which offers a range of services to help its business customers to prosper.
There are three important aspects of doing business today - one is reaching out to customers through the medium of the internet, another is improving efficiency - in order to compete successfully with new entrants into the market and a third is innovation, or being well informed about coming market trends.
  • Reaching out to customers
    Customers who want to offer services over the internet - can arrange to receive payment through the Bank's internet payment gateway. This means they can reach more customers and get instant payment for their services.
  • Efficiency improvements
    Bangkok Bank's cash management services are designed to help customers save time and cut their administration costs. The Bank's services include on-line payments, office banking and payroll services.
    The Bank's investment services  - including deposit accounts, bonds and the private fund - means that companies can maximize the return on their capital.
  • In-tune with the market
    Bangkok Bank's team of first rate economists and analysts are constantly studying industry and market trends - their reports provide invaluable tools for companies who wish to flourish in the information age.
Farmers who make use of advanced technology will not only help their own business, but their village and their community will also do well. The Bank has therefore initiated a "Modern Agriculture Project" which offers special lines of credit to farmers who use advanced technology and innovative farming methods.
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