New Economy

Five steps for success

The recent setbacks to the world economy will not change the momentum of change as the new economy becomes the dominant force in business throughout the world. If anything, the speed of change will increase.

If you want your business to flourish, here are five easy steps to success.

  • Reach out to customers

    Success means going out to where your customers are not only physically but also by offering your services over the internet. One of the great benefits of the new economy is being able to access a bigger market and a wider pool of customers. Find out more about how Bangkok Bank can help you with our internet payment gateway.

  • Improving efficiency

    If you are to be successful in the new economy, you need to control your costs and maximise your efficiency. There's more competition and you have to be lean to survive. Find out how to cut down on your paperwork, and make your money work for you with Bangkok Bank's cash management and investment services.

  • Technology

    If you are to keep ahead of your competitors, you'll need to invest in new technology and make continuous improvements in your operations. Bangkok Bank offers project financing at concessionary rates for qualifying SMEs. Find out about our SME investment loans.

  • In-tune with the market

    Don't get taken by surprise with changing trends. Keep abreast of the market by studying new trends, market forecasts and industry issues. Get our latest reports from Bangkok Bank's Treasury and Research department, which include up-to-the-minute news from the markets.

  • Build an entrepreneurial culture

    What better way to do this than to monitor the competition, brush up on your business skills and tap into networks of support. Bangkok Bank provides seminars, and regular bulletins and newsletters for SMEs. Find out more here.
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