Who can invest?

Who can invest in Corporate Debentures 
in the case of private placements?

Debentures may only be transferred to an investor who fall within one or more of the following categories:

  1. Commercial banks
  2. Finance companies
  3. Securities companies, for the purpose of holding as their own assets or for management of a private fund or for the management of an investment project which is incorporated under the Act on the Undertaking of Finance Business, Securities Business and Credit foncier business
  4. Credit foncier companies
  5. Insurance companies
  6. Juristic persons incorporated under a specific law which are not the juristic person under (9)
  7. Bank of Thailand
  8. International financial institutions
  9. Government agencies and State enterprises under the laws on budgetary procedure
  10. Financial Institution Development Fund
  11. Pension funds
  12. Provident funds
  13. Mutual funds
  14. Juristic persons whose total assets according to the current audited financial statements for the last accounting period are worth half a billion baht or more
  15. Juristic persons whose shareholders are persons described in (1) - (14), among them holding shares in aggregate more than 75 per cent of all voting share
  16. Investors who have no domicile in Thailand and bring in investment capital abroad having investment advisors to supervise or manage the investment for them
  17. Each investor other than the persons described in (1) - (16) who purchases the Debentures having the value of 10,000 Bt or more (the value of such Debentures shall be calculated from the offering price)
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