Government Supported Loans

Support Thai SMEs moving forward

Because SMEs are the key driver of the Thai economy, Bangkok Bank, in association with government organizations, is offering various programs to help them improve their competitiveness.

Research and Technology Development Loan
If your business has high potential but your asset value does not meet the requirements of financial institutions, you may be eligible for up to 20 million baht through the loan guarantee scheme. Speak to our bank representatives for more details - you may find you are eligible for a higher credit line than you expect.

Promissory Notes Supported by BOT
To provide working capital, Bangkok Bank and the Bank of Thailand will support you with SME loans at the Minimum Lending Rate (MLR)-2.75% per annum for up to five years. You will need to submit a promissory note along with a list of expenses for the four months prior to the date of your loan application. Promissory notes generally require a delivery receipt or an invoice.

Innovation Development Loan
If you are confident that you have innovations to grow your business, even if you are a new entrepreneur, Bangkok Bank and with the National Innovation Agency are ready to support you. You can borrow up to 100 million baht and may receive up to 5 million baht interest-free for three years.

SME Machine Fund
Bangkok Bank, in cooperation with the Office of Small and Medium Enterprise Promotion (OSMEP), is offering loans for machinery upgrades at 3% less than the market rate for up to five years.

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