AEC Seminar Series

To help Thai businesses and international investors tap into the all-important AEC market Bangkok Bank is holding a series of events under the theme "A Trusted Partner and Reliable Close Friend for the AEC". Our international network of 32 branches includes one of the largest and most-well established regional branch networks in Southeast Asia. We connect businesses across Southeast Asia, providing convenient banking services together with practical local knowledge.

Seminar "How to Succeed in Myanmar-Thai Border Trade"

Bangkok Bank hosted the "How to Succeed in Myanmar-Thai Border Trade" seminar to educate its customers on border investment and trade opportunities and to help Thai businesses prepare for the upcoming AEC. The seminar provided useful knowledge on the investment and trade promotion policies, as well as offering compelling insights and advice from leading Thai businesspeople. View Details

International Investment Seminar "Bangkok Bank Brings Asia to Myanmar"

In recognition of Myanmar’s growth potential, Bangkok Bank hosted an international investment seminar in the country’s business capital of Yangon, bringing together more than 100 customers from 10 economies all over Asia.  View Details

Seminar "Myanmar: Don't Miss the Boat"

Myanmar’s rapidly developing economy and wealth of resources is attracting strong attention from investors around the world, including Thai companies. To help customers find out about the business opportunities in this dynamic country Bangkok Bank held an investment seminar "Myanmar: Don’t Miss the Boat", which attracted over 700 people. View Details
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