7-Month Fixed Deposit Account

Bangkok Bank has launched a new 7-Month Fixed Deposit Account offering an interest rate of 1.25% p.a. with a minimum deposit of 100,000Bt. Available at Bangkok Bank branches

Terms and Conditions

  • The 7-Month Fixed Deposit Account is available only for Thai individuals, corporates, government agencies, insurance companies, and non-profit juristic persons.
  • The minimum opening amount and the minimum amount for any subsequent deposit for the 7-Month Fixed Deposit Account is 100,000Bt.
  • The bank will pay interest upon maturity.
  • At maturity, the bank will automatically roll-over the deposit to a three-month fixed term deposit using the interest rate available at that time under the bank’s conditions, provided that a depositor has not withdrawn any money from the account, or has issued a subsequent instruction.
  • Penalties apply for early withdrawal:
    • If a depositor withdraws money within three months of opening the account, the bank will not pay any interest on the deposit.
    • If a depositor withdraws their deposit after three months, but before it matures, the bank will pay the same interest rate as that on a savings account.
  • Please study Bangkok Bank's interest rate notification for the Terms and Conditions of the 7-Month Fixed Deposit Account.

For more information, please visit any Bangkok Bank branch or call Bualuang Phone 1333.
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