Fixed Income Funds

This type of fund invests in high-quality debt instruments such as bonds from the Bank of Thailand or government bonds, treasury bills, certificates of deposit, bills of exchange, promissory notes, or debentures issued by private companies. This type of fund does not invest in stock.

Fixed Income Fund's risks
  • Default risk; this is the risk that the bond issuer will be unable to pay the principal or interest for the bonds. The credit rating could be a useful tool in anticipating the default risk.
  • Risk from fluctuations in interest rates.
  • Risk from liquidity of the debt instruments.

Bualuang Treasury Fund
The fund’s policy is to focus investment in domestic government debt instruments including treasury bills and government bonds, bonds issued by the Bank of Thailand and government agencies, and debt instruments issued, accepted, avaled and/or guaranteed by Ministry of Finance. However, the fund will restrict its investment to not less than 80% of NAV.

Bualuang Thanatavee Fixed Income Fund
BBL Asset Management's Bualuang Thanatavee Fixed Income Fund focuses on the security and liquidity of the investment. The fund invests in bonds or debentures issued or guaranteed by the government, and corporate bonds with a credit rating of A- or higher.

Bualuang Fixed Income Fund
The fund’s policy is to invest in government debt instruments, debt instruments issued by regulated financial institutions, corporate bonds, debt instruments issued by financial institutions, non-marketable debt instruments and/or cash deposits. The Bualuang Fixed Income Fund invests in both domestic and international debt instruments and is highly liquid, however the fund will restrict its investments in foreign instruments to no more than 40% of NAV and is fully hedged to protect your investment from exchange rate risk.


  • Investments are not deposits and carry the risk that investors may not receive their money back in full when the investment is redeemed (the principal is not guaranteed).
  • Investors are strongly advised to study the product characteristics including the prospectus, fund policy, returns conditions, risks, and fund performance before deciding to invest.
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