Documents Required for Opening a Foreign Currency Deposit Account

For Thai nationals

  • Thai Citizen ID card or another photo ID card issued by the government

For foreigners

  1. Foreigners with Permanent Residence in Thailand
    • Alien Certificate/Certificate of Residency
    • A Copy of House Registration

  2. Foreigner with a Work Permit
    • Passport
    • Work Permit

  3. Foreigner with Long-stay or Tourist Visa
    • Passport and one of the following documents:

      3.1 An official document from another country, such as a document from the relevant agency giving evidence of the customer’s right to receive pension funds, OR a letter of reference from one of the following:

      - Embassy or international organization
      - Customer’s home bank to Bangkok Bank via the SWIFT messaging network
      - Person acceptable to Bangkok Bank e.g. branch officer, customer, government
        officer or company executive
      - Educational institution located in Thailand and acceptable to the bank
      - Company that is acceptable to the bank, confirming the customer is in the
        process of getting a work permit; OR

      3.2 Other documents that show the name of the customer e.g. a document showing the ownership of real estate in Thailand such as a unit in a condominium
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