Transaction Fees: Buying/Selling Foreign Notes, Drafts and Travelers’ Cheques and International Funds Transfer

Transaction Types


Foreign Notes  
    • Selling
    • Buying
Foreign Cheques and Drafts  
    • Travelers' Cheque
1% of the cheque value plus 3 Baht stamp duty
per cheque
    • Draft (paid by foreign bank)
      Additional fee applies to selected currencies:
200 Baht plus 3 Baht stamp duty per draft
      • CHF
Additional 300 Baht fee per draft
      • SGD
Additional 500 Baht fee per draft
      • EUR/ GBP/ CAD
Additional 150 Baht fee per draft
      • THB
Additional fee of 0.25% of the value of the draft
(300 Baht minimum charge)
Draft lost and redemption needed 1,000 Baht per draft
Sell back a foreign draft, bought from the bank 1,000 Baht per draft
    • Travelers' Cheque
150 Baht plus 3 Baht stamp duty per cheque
    • Draft (paid by Bangkok Bank or the foreign bank)
150 Baht plus 3 Baht stamp duty per draft
    • Draft (paid by the foreign bank)
      • Bangkok Bank advances the payment prior to
        collection from the foreign bank
200 Baht plus 3 Baht stamp duty per draft
      • Foreign bank returns the draft as it cannot be collected
200 Baht per draft plus any additional fee imposed
by the foreign bank. Bangkok Bank will also charge
interest for advance payments to customers. The
default payment loan interest rate is calculated from
the date that the bank makes an advance payment
to the customer until the date that the customer
makes a repayment.
      • Bangkok Bank collects from the foreign bank
        before paying to the customer
USD 10 plus 3 Baht stamp duty per draft and any
additional fees collected by the foreign bank
International Funds Transfer  
Receive an overseas funds transfer  
    • Charge fee from beneficiary

      Note You will not receive the full amount of funds
      as Bangkok Bank will deduct a fee prior to depositing
      funds into your account.
0.25% of the transfer value
(minimum 200 Baht, maximum 500 Baht)
    • Charge fee from sender
    • Pay with cash
Additional 150 Baht fee
    • Recipients don’t want to deposit funds into an
      account (choose to hold foreign currency)

      Note Customers must inform the bank at least
      7 days in advance, otherwise the bank will deposit
      funds into  the customer’s account on the date
      instructed in the funds transfer instruction.
1,000 Baht per transaction
    • Foreign bank sends a payment order via
      another Thai bank into your account with 
      Bangkok Bank
Another Thai bank will deduct its fee before
sending funds to Bangkok bank. Bangkok Bank
may also chargea fee depending on how the other
bank sends the funds to Bangkok Bank.
Transfer funds overseas  
    • Foreign currency
      • Recipients are responsible for overseas
        bank fees
400 Baht per transaction
      • Senders are responsible for overseas bank fees
        • JPY
400 Baht plus 0.05% of the transfer value
(minimum 2,100 Baht) per transaction
        • HKD
1,350 Baht per transaction
        • Other currencies
1,150 Baht per transaction
(The bank may collect an additional fee if the
overseas bank charges fees exceeding 1,150 Baht)
    • Baht
Additional fee of 0.25% of the transfer value
(300 Baht minimum)
    • If the bank sends a special extra funds   
      transfer instruction
Additional 300 Baht fee
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