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Use your property, pension or savings as collateral for a loan

Bualuang Poonphol Loans

If you own a freehold property, you can use this as collateral to borrow additional funds at low interest rates with a Bualuang Poonphol loan - you can borrow funds for education, purchasing electrical appliances, furniture or other home decorations, home renovations or personal consumption.

Bualuang Saan Fun Loans

Use your debt-free property as collateral to obtain a low interest overdraft loan of up to 10 times your monthly income. Interest is only charged on the funds borrowed.

Use your Savings or Fixed Deposit Account as collateral to borrow at a low interest rate.

Increase your spending power and liquidity, using your pension as collateral. Bangkok Bank’s special Loan for Pensioners offers a low rate of interest and long-term repayment period. Quick approval for qualifying loans.
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