Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need a local bank?

While living in Thailand, a local bank can help you do your day-to-day banking activities in baht without the need to incur additional bank charges that may be payable when using your overseas account and cards.

Where can I open an account?

You can open an account at any Bangkok Bank branch in Thailand. For Non-Resident Baht Accounts, you will need to visit our Head Office, 333 Silom Road, Bangkok.

Can I open an account from abroad?

No, you must visit a Bangkok Bank branch in Thailand in person to open an account.

Can I access my account from abroad?

There are a number of ways you can access your Bangkok Bank account from overseas:

  • Bualuang iBanking, Bualuang mBanking
    If registered, you can use Bangkok Bank’s internet or mobile banking services to access your accounts online and make funds transfers, bill payments or inquiries.

  • Withdrawals using Be1st Smart Card
    You can withdraw money from your Bangkok Bank account using your Be1st Smart card at ATMs that display the PLUS or VISA symbol.

  • Credit Card Cash Advances
    You can use your Bangkok Bank credit card to get a cash advance overseas. Transaction fees apply and interest is charged from the day you make the transaction.

  • Telephone Banking – Bualuang Phone (66) 0-2645-5555
    You can use your Be1st Smart card to access Bualuang Phone to make funds transfers, bill payments, and inquiries. To call Bualuang Phone from abroad, dial (66) 0-2645-5555 (please note, regular international fee charges will apply.) Your PIN will be required for authentication.

Can you tell me the balance of my account via email?

For security reasons, we will never send confidential information via an unsecured connection such as email. Please log onto Bualuang iBanking, Bualuang mBanking or call Bualuang Phone 1333 or (66) 0-2645-5555 to obtain your account balance.

How can I withdraw funds from my account if I am overseas?

You can nominate an authorized person to withdraw the funds by signing the back of withdrawal slip which includes the power of attorney (Proxy). Your signature must be identical to the one you have signed in your passbook. The authorized person must bring all documents to a branch with his/her identification card, your ID card or passport, and the passbook of the account.

Withdrawal slips are available at any Bangkok Bank branch. Transactions can only be made at the branch where you hold your account.

I am living overseas and have lost my Be1st Smart/ATM card, can I get another one?

You will need to visit a branch to obtain a replacement card as you are required to enter a new PIN in person.

I don’t have a Be1st Smart/ATM card and I am living overseas – is there any way I can find out may account balance without one?

Please either log onto Bualuang iBanking (if previously registered), Bualuang mBanking or call Bualuang Phone at (66) 0-2645-5555.

When calling, we will need to confirm your identification by asking several questions based on information you gave us when opening the account. Please have available details of your passport or other forms of identification that you have provided to us when you make the call.

How can I close my account at Bangkok Bank if I am living outside Thailand?

In accordance with the laws of Thailand, you cannot close the account without coming into the bank in person. However, you will be able to access your funds via electronic channels or by giving authorization to another person.

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