There are a number of benefits in keeping some of your money in Thailand including receiving attractive rates of return, diversified investments options, tax benefits, flexibility and hedging your funds against currency exchange risk.

Mutual Funds

Bangkok Bank’s mutual funds are provided by our award-winning subsidiary BBL Asset Management Company Limited (BBLAM). Investment choices include BBLAM’s Fixed Income Funds, Equity Funds, Mixed Funds, Retirement Mutual Funds (RMF), Long-term Equity Funds (LTF), Bualuang Gold Funds and Foreign Investment Funds.

We have licensed investment consultants at branch who can provide you with advice and information about the funds available and the options that might suit you.

Share Trading

Bangkok Bank’s Introducing Agent service helps customers open a securities trading account to trade stocks via Bualuang Securities Public Company Limited, our capital market arm. This offers a full range of equity investment options and internet and mobile phone trading services.

To open a securities trading account, you will need to provide identification, with a passport and proof of address and have a savings or current account with Bangkok Bank.

Note: Investors are advised to study the product characteristics, returns conditions, and risks before deciding to invest.


Foreigners who are permanent residents can buy and sell governement bonds and corporate debentures at any Bangkok Bank branch nationwide, except microbranches, an easy way to invest in Thailand’s bond market.

Government bonds offer a very secure investment with reasonable returns, while corporate debentures normally offer higher returns but carry higher risk. Bond holders receive regular interest payments which can be paid automatically into their account.

Bangkok Bank offers a secondary market for Government Saving Bonds and some debentures which are sold on the primary market.


  • Life Insurance
    Good planning is a must! When it comes to life insurance Bangkok Bank is ready to be by your side in creating security in life, offering a wide range of comprehensive protection plans you can depend on.

  • Non-Life Insurance
    Full range of insurance services at Bangkok Bank. Your trusted friend who takes good care of you and your properties.

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