Ways you can bank

Bangkok Bank offers a full range of modern and convenient banking channels to help you do your banking transactions at your own convenience.

Internet Banking – Bualuang iBanking

Bangkok Bank’s internet banking service (Bualuang iBanking) provides a full English-language option, is easy to set up and use, and also allows you to do all of your day-to-day banking activities at your own convenience.

With Bualuang iBanking, you can check your account balance and account history, pay bills, buy and sell or switch mutual funds units, transfer funds to your accounts or to third-party accounts at other Thai banks, and transfer funds overseas.

Mobile Banking – Bualuang mBanking

  • Enjoy the convenience of making transactions anywhere, anytime using your mobile phone or tablet
  • Transfer funds between your accounts or third-party accounts at Bangkok Bank and other banks
  • Check account balance and view account activity
  • Check on your account balance more quickly and easily with “Quick Balance” function
  • Transfer funds to mobile phone number in your contact list*
  • Scan barcodes/Select from business categories to pay bills
  • Pay Bangkok Bank credit card bills and other bills
  • Save favourite transactions for fund transfers and payments
  • View transfer and payment transaction history
  • Add your own Bangkok Bank credit card to view details and activity**
  • Check the outstanding value and units, make a buy or sell order for Open-ended Funds and RMF/LTF

*Not available on Windows OS
**The credit card that you add via Bualuang mBanking can also be used on Bualuang iBanking.

ATMs and Self-services

There is no need to go to a branch for your daily banking requirements. Night or day – whenever you need cash, to check your accounts or pay your bills, it’s easy to drop in to one of our self-service centers.

Bangkok Bank’s self-service machines are reliable, modern and secure. When you make a transaction, you are managing your own account directly on Bangkok Bank’s state-of-the-art banking technology system.

With Bangkok Bank’s advanced technology and strong information network, you can do your banking transactions using our self-service machines anywhere in Thailand, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You can withdraw cash, transfer funds or make payments using our Bualuang ATMs, or quicky make deposits using our Bualuang Cash Deposit Machines. Also, you can update your passbook automatically via our Passbook Update Machines.

Telephone Banking – Bualuang Phone 1333

Bangkok Bank’s telephone banking service provides a full English-language option by pressing 2 for English for an Automatic Voice Response (AVR) system and is available at any time – simply dial 1333 or (66) 0-2645-5555. You can choose either the automated option or ask to speak to a customer service assistant. With your PIN and Be1st Debit card number, you can check your account balance, cancel a card, report lost or stolen card, pay bills, buy and sell mutual funds units and transfer funds between your own accounts. No registration is required to use Bualuang Phone. However, if you want to transfer funds to third party accounts via phone banking, you will need to register the accounts at a Bangkok Bank branch.

Branch Banking

There will always be a time when nothing other than over-the-counter and face-to-face banking will do, and most of our branches in Thailand have English-speaking staff on hand to help you.

Bangkok Bank has an extensive national network of branches. Many are open for extended hours and conveniently located in department stores, shopping centers, universities and tourist destinations around the country. Microbranches are also open for longer hours and up to seven days a week, but offer a smaller range of services and are not always able to accept large-volume transactions.

Quick Access
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