Bank Branches

Just look for our sign

Wherever you go in Thailand you'll find our friendly Bualuang sign. We have an extensive branch network in top locations.

One-stop service for personal banking

If you're traveling around Thailand you won't be able to miss our branches. There are so many branches in our provincial network, which are centrally located in the main towns of every province.

If you're in Bangkok, you'll never have far to go to reach one of our branches. We are situated in prime locations in the metropolitan area.

Getting Started

Everyday Banking

Most people get started with a new deposit account. At the same time you have an opportunity to apply for a Be1st debit card, which is your ticket to our electronic banking services. Once you open an account at one of our branches, this will become your "home branch." You can open accounts at as many branches as you like - which means you can have more than one "home branch."
Over the counter at any Bangkok Bank branch, you can do a whole range of everyday banking. You can deposit cash or cheques, withdraw cash from your account or credit card, cash cheques, and check the status of your accounts. You can also transfer money, pay your bills, and pay back loans or your credit card expenses.

Loans and Credit

Specialized Banking

Whether you have a bank account or not, you can apply for a credit card, home loan, and personal loan at any branch.
Our marketing officers will help you open current accounts, investment accounts, buy and sell Bangkok Bank mutual funds, buy corporate bonds, and buy bank drafts, cashier cheques, and traveler's cheques.

At Our Counters...

If your card or passbook has been lost, stolen, or damaged, you can have it re-issued at your branch. You can have your personal information in our records updated and change instructions about services such as transfers. You can request an account statement, and pay your personal income tax and vehicle registration tax.
Tips/Useful Info
Banking Hours
Our branches are open between 8.30 a.m. and 3.30 p.m. from Monday to Friday. They are normally closed on Saturdays and Sundays and bank holidays.

General Services
At every branch we have floor supervisors, whose job it is to be a helpful guide to our customers. They are always pleased to help if you want any advice.

Customer Tips

Click here for advice on how to make the best use of our convenient branch services.
Quick Access
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