Services you can do via automated voice prompts

Check account activities, transfer funds, top-up mobile phone, pay bills and order cheque book

  • Check account balance, transfer funds, returned cheque inquiry, check account activities of savings and current accounts if the account has been registered with an ATM or debit card.
  • Transfer funds between your own accounts or transfer to 3rd party Bangkok Bank account. The service is available for a savings, current, fixed, or Sinmathaya Subthawee account.
  • Top-up mobile, pay bills, utilities, tuition fees or Bangkok Bank credit cards which have been registered with ATM
    or debit card.
  • Order cheque book

Check exchange rates, deposit-loan interest rates, promotions, product information and information about the new cheque clearing system

  • Check exchange rate
  • Check deposit-loan interest rate
  • Check promotions
  • Check the bank’s other information
  • Check information about new cheque clearing system

Ask for more information or change the limit on an ATM or debit card

  • Inquire about, and change, the daily withdrawal/transfer limit for an ATM or debit card
  • Inquire about, and change, the daily spending limit on a debit card
  • Request the receipt of card details via fax machine

Credit card service

  • Credit card payments
  • Ask for credit card general information or information about available credit, due payment amount, follow up the result of a credit card application, outstanding Bualuang Thank You Rewards points, redeem gifts, request a statement, promotions, other services

Mutual funds

  • Ask for information about provident funds
  • Buy, sell and switch investment units of opened-end funds and ask for information about private funds registered with an ATM card or debit card

Register for services

  • Bualuang iPay
  • SMS service
  • Activate services using a password sent through SMS or other channels
Quick Access
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