How we protect you

Protecting the security of your financial assets and financial information is at the heart of our business.
We use world class internet banking security systems with many additional layers of security protection including One Time Password systems for sensitive transactions, Tokens for business users and automatic email alerts when your account is accessed.
We realize the trust of our customers is our most valuable asset and maintain rigorous standards and procedures to safeguard sensitive information entrusted to us and prevent misuse of this information.
Our main website address is Our other official Bangkok Bank websites are, and - please take care when visiting any website that is the correct one, not a fake.
It’s important to ensure your computer has reliable and up-to-date antivirus software installed to help safeguard against third-party attacks. These links to partner sites can provide you with useful anti-virus information and special offers.
Tips/Useful Info
Do not open email attachments or click on any internet links provided in an email you suspect might not be authentic. Instead, log onto the website directly by typing in the web address in your internet browser, or call the company on the telephone.
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