How you protect yourself

No matter how high a bank’s standards of security you will still be at risk if you do not take care to protect your personal financial information.
Don’t allow your computer to provide a back door to your accounts. Find out the best way to protect your computer and personal and financial information.
We have prepared a list of tips on how to improve your ATM security including an explanation of skimming and how to avoid it.
Every time you access the internet there is a risk of inadvertently downloading viruses or malware which may steal your personal information. By following a few simple precautions you can protect yourself from fraud.
Your Personal Identification Number (PIN) is the most valuable security tool that you have. A thief may steal your card, but unless they know your PIN they cannot access your accounts and transfer or withdraw your money.
Tips/Useful Info
Choose a PIN that is easy for you to remember but would be difficult for a thief to guess. Don’t use numbers that are easily associated with you such as your address, your birthday or your phone number.
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