Please be aware of forged or false messages that may be sent to you via SMS, MMS or email or pop-up messages claiming to be from the Bank in an attempt to extract your personal banking information. These messages try to trick you into giving personal information, downloading or installing malicious software or applications onto your mobile phone, smartphone, tablet or PC. This is dangerous since you follow their instructions, thieves can steal your User ID, Password and One Time Password (OTP) for making a funds transfer from your account via internet banking. The fraudulent funds transfer can be made without your awareness as you do not receive the One Time Password as it has been diverted.

For your own safety in making transactions on devices such as mobile phone, smartphone, tablet or PC, we strongly recommend that you:
  • Do not click the link (URL) in SMS, MMS or email or pop-ups as mentioned above
  • Do not download or install programs from unreliable sources
  • Do not make financial transactions using any device with jail-broken (iOS) or rooted (Android) operating systems
  • Install anti-virus applications onto your mobile phone, smartphone, tablet and PC

Bangkok Bank will never send an SMS, MMS or emails requesting you to download or install any software or application to make a transaction with us or introduce any pop-up asking for your personal information. Therefore, if you receive this kind of SMS, MMS or emails, or have clicked any link to download suspicious software or application, or see any unfamiliar/irregular screen, please immediately stop any transactions and contact Bualuang Phone 1333 or (66) 0-2645-5555. Our service is available 24/7.

Sample of Fake Screen

Tips/Useful Info
Stay SAFE online

oftware – should be licensed and updated

Antivirus – please use a genuine antivirus solution and keep it updated

Familiarity – if something seems unusual in your internet banking session, do not proceed and contact Bangkok Bank for assistant

Emails and SMS – please carefully review the messages the bank sends
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