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Account Activities Review

  • View a summary of your current balance as well as detailed transaction records of your registered deposit accounts, mutual fund units, loans, credit cards and Be1st cards
  • Print your transaction history
  • View your credit-card statements and transactions over the last three months
  • View the repayment history of your loan account to see how much principal you have left to repay and how much you have repaid in the last six months

Bill Payments

  • Pay for goods and services online (including Bangkok Bank credit cards and supplementary credit cards)
  • Set payment dates in advance so you won't forget to pay bills when they are due
  • Register for Bualuang Direct Debit Service to make bill payments

Funds Transfer

  • Transfer funds between your Bangkok Bank accounts
  • Transfer funds to 3rd parties with accounts at Bangkok Bank*
  • Transfer funds to 3rd parties with accounts at other banks

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International Funds Transfer

For Thai nationals

  • Educational expenses
  • Family support
  • Living expenses
  • Payment for goods
  • Payment for services
  • Travel expenses
  • Personal expenses
  • Gift
  • Donation

For foreigners

  • Salary repatriation

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Foreign Currency Deposit Accounts

  • Check your balance
  • View transaction history for the last 2 months
  • Instruct funds transfers from your foreign currency deposit (FCD) account to your baht deposit account

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Cheque Services

  • Order your cheque books
  • Suspend your cheque payments*
  • View the list of cheques issued that have been returned over the last two months
  • View the list of cheques deposited into your accounts that have been returned over the past two months

Other additional services

  • Suspend the use of your lost passbook*
  • Request a hard-copy of your bank statement going back further than two months
  • Bank Mail - send and receive messages from Bualuang iBanking staff safely and securely

*Services available only between 6.00 a.m. - 11.00 p.m.

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