Instant access: iBanking User ID and PIN via ATM

If you have lost or forgotten your Bualuang iBanking User ID or password, you can now request new setup details via any Bangkok Bank ATM, then log onto Bualuang iBanking instantly to set your new password.

  • Increased convenience…you no longer need to visit a branch to obtain a new User ID or PIN – all you need is your Bangkok Bank ATM/Be1st Debit card, and to access our Bualuang ATMs nationwide.

  • Instant User ID/PIN…you set your PIN and receive User ID via SMS, enabling you to quickly re-access Bualuang iBanking to pay your bills, transfer funds and more.

  • Secure…to make your account even safer, we provide a One Time Password for your first time log on to Bualuang iBanking:

ATM screens: How to request a new Bualuang iBanking User ID and PIN

  1. Enter your ATM PIN, select “English” and “Apply for service”.

  2. Select “Bualuang iBanking”, then “Re-set PIN and User ID”.


  3. Enter your new 4-digit PIN.

  4. Enter the mobile phone number you have already registered with Bualuang iBanking (to update or correct your mobile phone number registered with Bualuang iBanking, please submit an amendment form, with attached your passport and passbook at any Bangkok Bank branch).

  5. Wait to receive your User ID via SMS.

  6. You can use your new User ID and 4–digit PIN to immediately log on at: Wait to receive an SMS OTP from the bank to complete your Bualuang iBanking log on.

  7. Enter the OTP and your date of birth, check it is correct, then change your 4-digit PIN to your new password.


If you don’t yet have a Bangkok Bank ATM or Be1st Debit card, you can request a new Bualuang iBanking User ID and PIN at any Bangkok Bank branch nationwide by submitting an amendment form – using your passport and passbook for identification.

For more information, please contact Bualuang Phone 1333 or (66) 0-2645-5555 (press 2-0-6).

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