Funds transfer to mobile phone number

This is a convenient way to transfer funds using the recipient’s mobile phone number from your phone contact list. For instance, when sharing a lunch bill between friends, you can easily transfer funds to your friend using his/her mobile phone number. You can transfer to both Bualuang mBanking members and others:

  • If you transfer to a Bualuang mBanking member who has already linked his/her Bangkok Bank account with their mobile phone number, the funds will be deposited automatically to their account.

  • If you transfer to another recipient, the recipient will receive the funds at the Bualuang GetMoney website which he/she can then transfer to their bank account (Bangkok Bank account or other bank account).

Get the money at Bualuang GetMoney website

Bualuang GetMoney is a website for the recipient to receive money. The recipient must use the Cash Code to transfer the money into their account.

The information you need to receive funds at the Bualuang GetMoney website

  • Your mobile phone number
  • Cash Code from the sender
  • The amount of money that appears in the SMS from the Bank (sender name
  • Your account number

The Cash Code
is a secret code that displays on the result screen of the sender.
The sender must provide the Cash Code to the recipient for receiving funds at website within the time period prescribed by the bank in the SMS.  

How to receive money

1. Read and accept the Terms and Conditions

2. Fill in the details of your mobile phone number, Cash Code (from sender) and amount (from SMS)

3. Select the name of your bank, fill in your account number to get the money and fill in your e-mail address to receive a transfer confirmation e-mail.

Funds Transfer 


Select Bangkok Bank accounts or another bank accounts


4. Check the transfer details

5. Enter the OTP received via SMS to confirm the transaction

6. The system will display the transaction result on the screen


1. Transaction fees on Bualuang GetMoney

Funds Transfer 


For funds transfer to Bangkok Bank accounts or other bank accounts


2. You can transfer to Bangkok Bank accounts and other bank accounts:
Kasikorn Bank, Krung Thai Bank, Thai Military Bank, Siam Commercial Bank, CIMB Thai Bank, UOB Bank, Bank of Ayudhya, Thanachart Bank, Government Savings Bank, Land and Houses Bank, Kiatnakin Bank, TISCO Bank and Bank for Agriculture and Agricultural Cooperatives 

3. The receipt for receiving funds at Bualuang GetMoney website
When you finish your transaction, Bangkok Bank will send a confirmation to the e-mail address that you fill in on the confirmation page.

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