Fund your business

Many people who dream of having their own business will need capital to support it, whether the business is starting up or expanding for market growth. But how can entrepreneurs access capital? And how do they request it from financial institutions?

First of all, let’s take a good look at your business and what you can do to support your request for capital.


It starts with a great business plan


If you are a beginner starting a business and you intend to ask for a loan from a financial institution, the first step is to have a business plan. This is the key to business success and will help you introduce yourself and your startup to the financial institution.


A good business plan will clearly identify the target / revenue sources of the business and map out your future business direction. If your plan answers all the questions of financial institutions, you can be more confident about the loan being approved.


For entrepreneurs with business experience including overcoming business crises, it is very important to gather business data regularly. In particular, account statements from the past to the present, cash flow, business performance, etc., should be prepared in advance as this will provide evidence for consideration of a new loan for your business expansion. This will make things much easier.


Business financial statistics will provide important evidence that suggests the discipline of entrepreneurs or business owners.


Select appropriate loans for your business

  • Once the documents have been prepared, the next step is to consider the type of loan that would be suitable for your business. Currently, financial institutions provide various types of loans to meet the needs of SMEs and each SME loan has different conditions.
  • You should study the details about each type of loan to ensure that you meet the requirements and make the appropriate choice. This will help to smooth the application and approval process for a loan.


What should I do if I don’t have a business guarantee?

  • In the past, business loan requests could be difficult for entrepreneurs because financial institutions might ask for a guarantee, such as factory or office leases, or other assets such as houses, land, commercial buildings, machinery, and high credit facilities. If you can offer such guarantees, financial institutions usually approve 80-95% of the guarantee value.
  • However, if you are a business owner and do not have any of the guarantees mentioned above, you can also get credit by contacting government agencies such as the Thai Credit Guarantee Corporation (TCG) to ask for a guarantee for an SME loan. Entrepreneurs / SME owners should study the information before asking for a loan from a financial institution.


Tips* Professional business owners of SMEs should have separate personal and business accounts in order to create a clear source of incomes and receipts.



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