Perfect Travel Plan

Save big on your holiday plans and make the most of your money…then get ready to go!!

Plan ahead

Set schedule – Avoid peak holiday times (long weekends or seasonal holidays) as it not only costs more, it’ll mean half your holiday is spent in a queue.

Go as a gang – Maybe a family trip or a friend group trip. This is not only to share expenses but also to travel and have fun together.

Set a budget

Do your research to understand how much you need to budget: 

  • Flights – Explore airline and travel booking sites for promotion deals then get them
  • Accommodation – Book early to get the best deal
  • Check in – Check out the places you want to visit and estimate trip expenses. Look for credit card promotions offering special discounts and privileges

Spending money – Check trends of exchange rates or promotion exchange rates before going

Start saving

How much do you need to save? Save by opening a short-term fixed deposit offering special interest rates, or by investing in a money market fund offering good returns but you need to be aware of price volatility

Track the result – Already reached your savings goal? Then get ready to travel!!