Enjoy great value with Dolfin Wallet

Receive cash coupons up to 450 baht
Receive cash coupons of 100 baht when you spend 500 baht or more/sales slip using your Be1st Smart TPN Mastercard
via Dolfin Wallet from September 1, 2020 - December 31, 2020
Terms and Conditions
  • Payments must be made with a Be1st Smart TPN Mastercard debit card (excluding bill payments) to receive cash coupons up to 450 baht via Dolfin Wallet.

    • Step 1: receive cash coupons of 100 baht (2 coupons of 50 baht each) when you spend 500 baht/sales slip. (Limit of 1 redemption/Dolfin Wallet User/month and 4 redemptions/Dolfin Wallet user throughout the campaign period)
    • Step 2: receive another cash coupon of 50 baht within the first week of the following month when you reach accumulated spending of 5,000 baht during the campaign period. (Limit of 1 redemption/Dolfin Wallet User throughout the campaign period)

  • Cash coupons can be used as a discount on the next purchase when you spend 300 baht/sales slip at merchants accepting payments via Dolfin Wallet. One cash coupon can be redeemed for one sales slip only.
  • Cash coupons will be valid for 7 days after receiving.
  • Cash coupons will be valid for 15 minutes after redeeming. If you do not redeem the cash coupons within the redemption period, the Bank and Dolfin Wallet reserve the right not to refund or provide compensation for cash coupons, or change conditions.
  • Cash coupons cannot be transferred or exchanged for cash.
  • Terms and conditions of the Bank and Dolfin Wallet apply. If there is any dispute, the Bank's decision will be treated as final.
  • For more information please contact Bangkok Bank at 1333.