Receive a Dolfin Bonus worth up to 100 baht

When paying with Be1st Smart TPN Mastercard via Dolfin Wallet, receive cash back of 5 baht/time (limited up to 20 times/month)
from January 15, 2021 - July 15, 2021
Terms and Conditions
  • Payments must be made with a Be1st Smart TPN Mastercard debit card (excluding bill payments) to receive a Dolfin Bonus of up to 100 baht via Dolfin wallet.
  • Receive 5 baht cash back/payment (no minimum payment required).
  • Limited to 20 privileges/card/month and a maximum of 20,000 privileges/month or 120,000 privileges throughout the campaign period.
  • You will receive a Dolfin Bonus immediately once the payment is successful.
  • Dolfin Bonus will be valid for 15 days from the day you receive the privilege.
  • Dolfin Bonus cannot be transferred or exchanged for cash.
  • Terms and conditions of the Bank and Dolfin Wallet apply. If there is any dispute, the decision of the Bank and the company will be treated as final.
  • For more information please contact Bangkok Bank at 1333.