Add Accounts


Select “Accounts”


Enter your 6-digit Mobile PIN or use Touch ID / Face ID / Finger Print


Click “...” at the top right corner or “Add an account” below account lists to add your own account

You can also go to “More” and select “Add an account” to add your own account.


Select types of account you prefer to add and enter details depending on account type:


  • Enter your Be1st Smart debit card and account number for “Deposit”
  • Enter your Bangkok Bank credit card number, expiry date and total credit line for “Credit card”
  • Enter your fund unit holder number for “Mutual fund”
  • Enter your government bond number for “Bond”
  • Enter your Bualuang loan account number for “Loan”


Check your account details


Your own account is added successfully. You will see your account added at “Accounts” screen.