Super Energy Power Plant Infrastructure Fund

Investing in Potential Infrastructure Projects

The Initial Public Offering (IPO) of Super Energy Power Plant Infrastructure Fund, which invest in the infrastructure business of the Solar Power Plant business of SUPER Group, managed by BBL Asset Management PCL (Bualuang Fund).

Fund Name

Super Energy Power Plant Infrastructure Fund (SUPEREIF)

Fund Policy

To focus on investment in Power Plant and/or Renewable energy infrastructure assets

Initial Investment Asset

To invest in the right to receive net revenue arising from the operation of the solar power plant of 17 Anyawee Holding Co., Ltd. and Health Planet Management (Thailand) Ltd. which are subsidiaries of SUPER (SUPER holds 100% of shares, indirectly), that has income from long-term power purchase agreements. (Remaining period of approximately 21-22 years) with PEA or MEA deducted by operating expenses, with a total capacity of 118 MW from 19 projects and are distributed in 8 provinces

Fund Type

Closed-end Fund with Unspecified Project Life


Super Energy Corporation PCL (SUPER)

First Year Yield

  • Approximately 7.49%
  • The calculation is from the offering price of 10.00 baht. The amount of electricity production assumed by the actual electricity produced in 2017 and the solar intensity in 2017 decreased by the average rate, that compared to the year of 2012-2016, and decreasing with the average rate of degradation of solar panels, which is only an estimate for the 12-month period for the forecast period of August 1, 2019 to July 31, 2020, based on some assumptions from the auditor report for the 12-month period, on April 1, 2019 to March 31, 2020, which was audited by the auditor and cannot be guaranteed. This result does not show the result of the value of the property may be reduced to zero baht (Leasehold) at the end of the period of the right to receive net revenue, the remaining period is approximately 22 years.

Distribution Policy

At least 90% of adjusted net profit to be distributed, at least twice a year

Fund Raising

Not exceeding 8,150 million baht by 1) IPO, not exceeding 5,150 million baht and 2) Financial Institution Loan, not exceeding 3,000 million baht

Risk Level

Level 7 (High Risk)

Financial Advisor

Bangkok Bank PCL


Bangkok Bank PCL

Offering Price

Offering price per unit is 10.00 baht with minimum subscription of 2,000 units and increasing in multiples of 100 units thereafter. All units subscribed by general subscribers will be allocated based on the “Small Lot First” method.

Offering Period

The subscriptions will be available on July 22-26 and 30, 2019 and July 31, 2019 (before 3:30p.m.) at Bangkok Bank branches (except microbranches).

Note: Under the “Small Lot First” method, units are allocated to all free float subscribers equally, one board lot at a time, until all subscribed units are allocated.

Investors are advised to study more information in the full prospectus at

Warning: Investors are advised to study the product characteristics including the returns conditions and risks before deciding to invest.


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