Fund Highlights

Quality Debt Instruments

with investment-grade rating for secured investments

High Potential Returns

from overseas investment
(not more than 80% of the NAV)


Automatic redemption of the investment units as scheduled upon maturity

Fund Details

The Fund invests not less than 80% of the NAV in overseas debt instruments including government debt instruments, state enterprise/financial institution/private sector debt instruments with investment grade rating and/or foreign deposits.

The remainder of the Fund will be invested in deposits and/or domestic debt instruments as allowed by the Securities Exchange Commission and the Bank of Thailand. The Fund may also invest in securities or assets, in accordance with the regulations or approval of the Securities Exchange Commission. The Fund is fully hedged to protect your investment from exchange rate risk.

Fund Available - IPO

Fund Name
Bualuang Thanasarn Plus 31/19 (BP 31/19)

Investors cannot redeem the Investment Units within 6 months. Thus, if there is any negative effect to the investment, the investors may lose their investment money.
Risk Level
Level 4
Fund Type
  • Fixed Income Fund
  • Investment with overseas risks
Investment Policy

The Fund invests in international debt instruments and/or cash deposits including government bonds, government agency, financial institutions, and/or corporate with investment grade rating averaged in an accounting year not less than 80% of the NAV.

(Fully hedged against exchange rate)

Dividend Payment Policy
No dividend
Subscription and Redemption of Investment Units

Subscription Period: October 22-28, 2019

Minimum Investment: 10,000 baht

Investment Channels: Bangkok Bank branches/ Bualuang mBanking/ Bualuang iBanking and BIZ iBanking

The Fund has a 6-month life span.

Unit redemption payments are made via automatic fund redemption on the date of maturity – investors have three options to receive the payment:

1) Have the redemption payment deposited into their deposit account

2) Receive the payment with cheque under their names

3) Have the redemption payment automatically transferred to invest in the Bualuang Thanatavee Fixed Income Fund or Bualuang Treasury Fund

Management Company
BBL Asset Management Company Limited
Standard Chartered Bank (Thai) Public Company Limited

Bangkok Bank Public Company Limited

More information (Available in Thai only)

Fact Sheet Prospectus

  • Investments are not deposits and carry the risk that investors may not receive their money back in full when the investment is redeemed (the principal is not guaranteed).
  • Investors are strongly advised to study the product characteristics including the prospectus, fund policy, returns conditions, risks, and fund performance before deciding to invest.
  • The fund has no exchange rate risk because it is fully hedged.
  • The specified return and/or auto redemption rates may not materialize in case the market situations force the fund cannot to invest as planned.
  • Investors cannot redeem the Investment Units within 6 months. Thus, if there is any negative effect to the investment, the investors may lose their investment money.

For more information or to obtain the fund prospectus, please visit any Bangkok Bank branch or call 1333, or BBLAM (66) 0 2674 6488 press 8 or visit

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