You can use all chip cards at all Bangkok Bank’s ATMs to manage your banking 24/7. Services include withdrawals, transfers, bill payments, mobile phone top-ups,
Easy Pass top-ups, buying or selling mutual funds and checking your account balance. Simply insert your Be1st Smart card, enter your PIN and select the transaction you want.

Make a quick deposit by yourself. You can be fully confident about the transaction as you can check and confirm transaction details at every step and you will receive a transaction slip for your records. You can deposit money into your own Bangkok Bank account or into other accounts. The maximum amount per transaction is 100,000Bt, or up to 100 notes.

It’s easy to update your passbook, simply open the passbook on the correct page and insert it into the update machine. It will print out your transactions and tell you when
to change pages. If you haven’t updated your passbook for a long time, the balance posted into the passbook may be consolidated without showing the details of each individual transaction.

Find your nearest ATM, Branch, Bualuang Exclusive Suite, Business Center, FX Booth and other.

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