Promotions & New Features

Rabbit LINE Pay BTS Promotion

Enjoy special privileges, just register for Rabbit LINE Pay BTS at BTS stations and link it to Bualuang mBanking from March 15, 2019 - September 15, 2019.

Special offer for Mutual Funds customers

Just apply, log on to Bualuang mBanking and add a mutual funds account, then get free Major Cineplex movie ticket for normal seat worth 250 baht from March 15, 2019 - June 30, 2019.

FREE Rewards!

Just apply, log on to Bualuang mBanking and get privileges via Bualuang mBanking from March 1, 2019 - June 30, 2019.

Starbucks e-Coupon Redemption

Investors who meet the conditions of the Bualuang RMF/LTF 2018 promotion can redeem Starbucks e-Coupon via Bualuang mBanking from January 15, 2019 - April 30, 2019.

Western Union Service

Register Western Union Service via Bualuang mBanking and receive your money from abroad within minutes via Bualuang mBanking


How to apply for Bualuang mBanking

There are three easy ways to apply. You can apply with the App and start using it right away, at a Bualuang ATM, or any branch.


Easy to apply and you can use it right away

Download the Bualuang mBanking application and register online using your Bangkok Bank Be1st card/ATM or credit card and you can use the basic services right away.


Check Account Balance and View Account Activity

Check your account balance instantly.

Funds Transfer

There are many ways to transfer funds or make payments to merchants with QR Code. It’s convenient and safe. Receive money and make payments conveniently when you register for PromptPay with Bangkok Bank.

Bill Payment/ Top-up

Pay your bills more easily by scanning barcodes/QR Codes and choosing to pay from the existing payee list or searching payee category. Top-ups mobile phone or Easy Pass and PromptPay top-ups using e-Wallet number.


Keep track of your investments in mutual funds easily including Open-Ended Funds or RMF/LTF, as well as viewing current and past performance graphs (only in iPad).

Credit Card and Be1st Debit Card Services

View card activity summaries and pay credit card bills easily from anywhere.

mAlert Services

You can get account activity alerts, payment alerts, and security alerts, choosing to receive alerts from any of 3 channels, SMS, Push Notification and email.

Add Own Account/ Activate Card

Manually add accounts with ease.


Send requests via PromptPay to a recipient who can immediately and conveniently transfer money

Purchase Bonds

Conveniently send orders to buy bonds via Bualuang mBanking at any time


Donate money to temples, hospitals, educational institutes and other charitable organizations by easily scan our BeSure QR via Bualuang mBanking.

Western Union Service

Register Western Union Service via Bualuang mBanking and receive your money from abroad within minutes via Bualuang mBanking

Other Services

Special services that assist you to make your life easy.


Anytime Anywhere… Your online transaction stays safe.

Be aware of... fake apps

Don’t download or install apps from sources other than the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

Secure… your password

Avoid using common password/PIN e.g. a number which can be easily guessed. Also change passwords as often as you like.

Be careful… before entering info.

Don’t enter any personal information or click the URL link in suspicious SMS, MMS, emails or pop-ups.

Other tips

Ensure you install a reliable anti-virus application onto your mobile phone and always update it and avoid making financial transactions using public Wi-Fi.


Find out answers to frequently asked questions

You can quickly find answers to the most frequently asked questions about logging on, making transactions, mAlert service and security.


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