About Bangkok Bank

Bangkok Bank gives people and businesses the confidence and support they need to make the right decisions in a changing world. We have been doing this since our founding to satisfy the unmet needs of Thai people and businesses.

Corporate Profile

Bangkok Bank is a leading bank in Thailand and a major regional bank in Southeast Asia, a market leader in corporate and business banking, with a large retail customer base.

Board of Directors

Information about the Board of Directors and Corporate Secretary.

Corporate Governance

Good corporate governance is the foundation of sustainable growth. Bangkok Bank fosters high ethical standards, best practices and business excellence in line with international standards.

Organization Chart

Bangkok Bank’s organization chart outlines the structure for the Board of Directors, Management, Business Groups and Units.


Bangkok Bank’s major subsidiaries include Bualuang Securities, BBL Asset Management, Bangkok Bank Berhad, and Bangkok Bank (China).

Bank Holidays

Bank holidays for the year 2020 as notified by the Bank of Thailand.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Helping to build a sustainable and more affluent Thailand


We help to strengthen businesses by sharing our knowledge and experience, offering networking and matchmaking, and providing special programs to suit the needs of each group of customers.


People’s happiness and welfare depends on vibrant communities backed by strong social foundations. We work with a wide range of stakeholders to help build a better future.


A healthy environment is necessary for life. We educate our customers about sustainability, offer green finance and follow sound environmental practices in our own business.

Opportunities at Bangkok Bank

Brighten up for your future success

Student Internship Program (SIP)

Apply for our SIP course to join in a unique program that teaches you about real-life business, social responsibility, finance and leadership.

Bangkok Bank Internships

Come and be part of our internship to develop your potential and gain practical experience skills to prepare for your future career.

Bangkok Bank Scholarships

Expand your horizons by applying for a bank scholarship for a masters’ program in Thailand or abroad open to both bank staff and the public.


Challenging opportunities for your career development and growth

So many exciting opportunities

Find out about the different types of work available at Bangkok Bank


We support the health and well-being of our staff and their families with many attractive benefits.

Learning Development

We offer development programs to our staff - job training, leadership courses, and self-study.

Bank News

Bangkok Bank’s news and activities

Bangkok Bank donates 10 million baht to King Chulalongkorn Memorial Hospital, The Thai Red Cross Society, for “COVID-19 Disease Donation” project

March 30, 2020

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Bangkok Bank donates 10 million baht to Thammasat University Field Hospital to help COVID-19 patients

March 27, 2020

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Bangkok Bank provides supportive measures to those affected by the COVID-19 outbreak by lowering the minimum payment threshold, reducing interest, and implementing a 3-month debt suspension scheme for retail and SME customers

March 27, 2020

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Bangkok Bank confirms electronic systems are operating as normal, all incomplete transactions will be verified and updated within 24 hours

March 26, 2020

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We are ready to help you.


We are ready to help you.