Why Bangkok Bank

Leading regional bank

We are a leading Asian bank with a well-established presence in Southeast Asia, China and the major financial centers of the world, providing a comprehensive range of banking services. Our experienced staff can support your overseas expansion as well as helping investors coming into ASEAN.

Strong extensive network

We are a pioneer in international banking with the largest network of any Thai bank with more than 300 international branches, including three major international subsidiaries in 14 economies.

Opportunities in AEC

Our strong presence in nine ASEAN countries means we can offer expert advice and local business networking backed by a thorough understanding of local regulations and customs. Our experienced staff can support your expansion into the AEC and help you benefit from new business opportunities.


We have an extensive branch network across nine ASEAN countries: Thailand, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore and Vietnam.

East Asia

We are the only Thai bank with a significant presence in China through Bangkok Bank (China). We also have a strong presence in Hong Kong, Taiwan and Japan.  

Europe and North America

Our well-established London and New York branches provide banking services to customers pursuing growth and investment opportunities in the UK and US.

International Banking

AEC Connect

Bangkok Bank is Thailand’s premier AEC bank and our AEC Connect Centre can introduce you to business and investment opportunities across the region.

Tools & Assistance

We are ready to help you.

Tools & Assistance

We are ready to help you.

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