Key Benefits


Send bank statements to other banks for loan applications


No branch visit required, the statement is sent instantly via mobile banking application


Service is provided via the National Digital ID platform (NDID), with a highly secured connection and data transfer

Service Conditions

Sending Bank Statements

  • Available via Bangkok Bank Mobile Banking version 3.14.0 and above
  • Supports only savings and current accounts linked with mobile banking
  • A maximum of 5 accounts per one request
  • Service fee is 75 baht per account
  • Available 24 hours 

Requesting Bank Statements

The dStatement can now be used for loan applications at Bangkok Bank branches only. Please contact our officers at branch for the service.

How to send a Bank Statement


Go to “More” and select “NDID service”


Enter your 6-digit Mobile PIN or use Touch ID / Face ID / Fingerprint


The system will display the pending request for dStatement service then select “Pending” to view details


Review the request details then select “Proceed”


Select accounts for which you want a bank statement (Maximum 5 accounts per one request) then click “Next”


Review the information then select your account for fee payment and click “Next”


Once the transaction is completed, you will receive the transaction e-slip and the system will send the bank statement directly to the requesting bank.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the dStatement service?
It is a digitalized service to request and send bank statements from one bank to use for transactions with another bank via the National Digital ID (NDID) platform.
What are benefits of the dStatement service?
The dStatement service provides more convenience to customers - saving time and costs. Instead of visiting a branch to request for bank statements, customers can make a request and send the statement via their mobile banking application.
Is the dStatement service safe?
The dStatement service uses digital identity verification via the National Digital ID platform (NDID). Customers can be confident as it adopts high international security standards which the required customer’s identity verification before sending the bank statement.
Does the dStatement service charge any fees?
A fee for sending bank statements via the dStatement service is 75 baht per account which is deducted from customers’ deposit account linked with mobile banking.
How long does it take to send bank statements via the dStatement service?
Sending bank statements via the dStatement service to the requesting bank may take some time depending on the numbers of statement transactions.
How do I know that the data has been sent to the requesting bank?
Customers can view the transaction status on mobile banking, which will change to “Successfully sent data” once the bank statement has been sent to the requesting bank. In addition, customers will receive an email to confirm the success of transaction.
Do I also receive a bank statement directly as well?
Sending bank statements via the dStatement service is a digital data transmission to the requesting bank via the system; therefore, there will be no data sent or copied to the customer directly.
What should I do if I have already paid the fee but the bank system cannot send bank statements?
If the bank system has already deducted the fee for the service but cannot send the bank statements to the requesting bank, the Bank will automatically refund the fee to the customer within the next business day.

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