Domestic Funds Transfer

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Other Funds Transfer Services

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Standing Order Service

Our Standing Order service allows you to set up regular automated funds transfers between Bangkok Bank accounts.

Interbank Transfers

Even if you don’t have a Bangkok Bank account, you can still transfer money via our Interbank Transfer service, so long as the recipient has a bank account.

Online Money Transfers

If neither you nor the recipient has a bank account, you can still transfer funds from a Bangkok Bank branch.

BAHTNET Transfers

You can transfer large sums to other banks via BAHTNET – the fast and reliable way available at Bangkok Bank branches.

International Funds Transfer

Meeting all your money transfer needs

Transferring into Thailand

Easily receive funds transferred from our overseas branches and local agencies via SWIFT, post offices and Western Union.

Transferring out of Thailand

Transfer fund overseas easily via SWIFT, Bualuang iBanking and Western Union.

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Anti-Money Laundering Ministerial Regulations


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