Transferring into Thailand

With branches nationwide and overseas, and leading correspondent banks and partners overseas, Bangkok Bank allows you to receive funds transferred directly to your account


Just specify Bangkok Bank’s SWIFT code (BKKBTHBK) to easily receive funds from overseas.

Post Offices

Receive money from overseas post offices into your Bangkok Bank account with lower fees.

Western Union

Receive money from anywhere in the world via Bangkok Bank Mobile Banking, Bualuang iBanking, Bualuang Western Union RING, branches and FX booths.

Channels for Funds Transfer

Transfer Money from the US via Bangkok Bank, New York Branch

Foreign Remittance Service by Bangkok Bank, New York Branch

Receive Funds from
e-Commerce Sales via Payoneer

Transfer Money from the UK via Bangkok Bank, London Branch

Transfer Money from Japan via Bangkok Bank, Tokyo or Osaka Branches

Transfer Money from Japan via Japan Post Bank

Transfer Money from Korea via Korea Post

Transfer Money from Switzerland via Swiss Post

Transfer Money from Israel via Israel Post

Additional Information

Recommendation on receiving funds from abroad



FAQs about transferring into Thailand