Blink Blink Be Safe

Learn how to protect yourself against cybercrime with ‘Blink Blink Be Safe’ which features new animated series that provide security tips to help keep your online transaction safe from being scammed. (Available in Thai only)

Blink Blink Be Safe

Anytime Anywhere… your online transaction stays SAFE.

World-class security

Secured log on with username and password authentication as well as log on alert and notification via email. Confirm transaction via SMS OTP. Be confident about every transaction with a confirmation sent to your e-mail address.

Privacy Notice

Bangkok Bank realizes the importance of the protection of your personal data and compliance with relevant laws and regulations.

Our website address

Our main website address is that we use in regular communications. Other official website also has four URL addresses. Beware of fraudulent emails or imitation websites claiming to be from a bank.

Anti-virus software

Ensure you install reliable anti-virus software and application onto your mobile phone, smartphone or tablet and always update it, especially those you use for online transactions. We provide you with links to some anti-virus software provider websites.

How to stay SAFE online

For your own safety in making transactions on devices such as mobile phone, smartphone, tablet or PC we recommend you some tips.

ATM security

12 tips and a guide to ATM skimming including an explanation of skimming and how to avoid it to keep your accounts and money safe when using ATMs.

Tips for secure online banking

When you access the internet there is a risk of downloading viruses which may steal your personal information. By following a few simple precautions you can protect yourself from internet fraud.


Learn how to recognize and protect yourself from Phishing, a high-tech scam that uses fraudulent email or website claiming to be from the Bank to steal your personal information.

Viruses Malware and Trojans

Viruses and attacks from hackers are a potential threat to all computer users. Learn about how they work and how to protect your computer and your personal information from unwelcome visitors.

Fake APP SMS Email and website

Warning against false SMS, email or pop-up messages tricking you into downloading or installing malicious software or applications onto your smartphone, tablet or PC which could steal your personal information. Learn how to protect yourself against frauds.

Operation Aurora

Find out about other kind of cyber attack that exploits security holes in Internet Explorer browser to access user personal details. Learn how to protect yourself from it.

Online Shopping Forgery

Protect yourself against Cross-Site Request Forgery (CSRF). Hackers can pretend to be you and carry out financial transactions in your name.

Call fraud

A popular trick of criminals is to telephone someone claiming to be a bank officer or government official in an attempt to extract your personal banking information. Learn how to keep yourself safe.

No need to worry about Heartbleed

You can be assured that we do not use the OpenSSL software which recently suffered security breaches due to the “Heartbleed” bug and there has been concern about the possible theft of your information. You can continue to safely use our services as usual.

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