iCash (New System)

The new digital banking service helps you streamline and seamlessly manage your financial operations, whether your business is large or small.

BIZ iBanking

Internet banking service for small and medium-sized businesses. Grow your business with the benefit of an effective banking platform.

Corporate iCash

Internet-based cash management solution for large corporations, supporting payments, collections, and liquidity management.

Bualuang iSupply

A full range of online payments and loan support to sponsors and dealers/buyers in the supply chain.

Bualuang e-Guarantee

Online guarantees for customs and government procurement payments to help you manage your business effectively.

Bualuang iCustody

An online investment information service that is convenient and secure to keep track of your investments.

Bualuang iFunds

Quick, convenient and secure online access to provident fund information through a high standard system.

Bualuang iProvident

A program to prepare and submit provident fund information to the registrar online via the Bank’s website.

Merchant iPay

Receive secure credit and debit card payments online in baht or foreign currencies.

Electronic Import and Export Channels

Save time spent on administration and reduce business costs and paperwork while enhancing your business liquidity.


We are ready to help you.


We are ready to help you.

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