Collection Services

Collect payments through multiple channels and networks.
Receive money into your accounts conveniently, securely and cost-effectively.

Bualuang Smart Bill Payment

Total solutions to boost your collection capabilities and enhance your business efficiency in the digital age.

e-Tax Invoice & e-Receipt Services

Manage taxes easily and cost-effectively. Meet the Revenue Department’s requirements with online tax filing.

Direct Debit

Receive funds automatically from accounts of your customers or business counterparts in payment of goods/services.

Cash Collection and Delivery

Collect or deliver cash at your pre-agreed date/time and business location.

Cheque Collection

Deposit cheques at bank branches and cash will be credited to your account once they are cleared.

Electronic Bill Presentment and Payment

Manage invoices and billing quickly and accurately online.

International Funds Transfer (Inward)

Receive funds transfers via SWIFT from overseas payers through international branches and correspondent banks.

Bangkok Bank BizPromptPay

A new way to receive and transfer money electronically, and power your business in the digital age.

Manage My Business


Convenient and timely payments for the efficient management of your business.

Manage my business

Liquidity Management

Manage accounts of your company or group companies easily to enhance business opportunities and operations.


We are ready to help you.


We are ready to help you.