Safe and effective custodian system that supports a variety of investments in domestic and overseas markets.

Mutual Fund Supervisor

Manage benefits on behalf of investors in both domestic and overseas mutual funds with an efficient system and professional team.

Provident Fund Registrar

Support multiple investment policies of provident funds. Security is assured with a high-performance data collection system and standards.

Securities Registrar

Provide accurate securities registration to support a variety of securities including those issued in foreign currencies.

Debenture Holder’s Representative 

Manage benefits on behalf of the debenture holders and ensure the issuer complies with the terms and conditions.

Award-Winning Custodian Service

We have been recognized by international organizations which have presented us with many awards.


Bualuang iCustody

An online investment information service that is convenient and secure to keep track of your investments.


Call us at (66) 0 2230 1344


Call us at (66) 0 2230 1344