An ideal choice for Thai enterprises using MYR for international business

Prevent exchange rate risks

Avoid exchange rate risk from using a third currency

Reduce costs

Reduce the cost of trade by using Malaysian Ringgit (MYR) or Thai Baht (THB) for direct cross border settlements

Opportunity to expand business networks

Increase trade opportunities and expand business networks between Thai and Malaysian entrepreneurs

Our Expertise

Bangkok Bank’s extensive experience in Malaysia, combined with our depth of knowledge in MYR International Trade Services Cross, means we can help you to efficiently manage your international business using MYR. We will do this through Bangkok Bank Berhad, which is headquartered in Kuala Lumpur and has five branches across Malaysia.

Bangkok Bank has been authorized by Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM) and the Bank of Thailand (BOT) to be an Appointed Cross Currency Dealer (ACCD). This means we can officially arrange MYR Cross Border Trade Settlement for Thai enterprises with a business partner in Malaysia. We provide Trade, Trade Finance, Outward and Inward Remittance, Currency Exchange, Forward Contract and Foreign Currency Deposit Account services in the MYR.

With MYR Cross Border Trade Settlement, you can settle transactions with business partners in Malaysia using MYR. This will help you to reduce exchange rate risk as well as the cost of transactions. Moreover, using MYR for cross border trade settlement will provide you with opportunities to expand your business with Malaysian business networks. 

Our MYR International Trade Service includes:


MYR Trade Services

MYR Trade Finance Services

MYR Outward and Inward Remittance Services

MYR Currency Exchange Services

MYR Forward Contract

MYR Foreign Currency Deposit Account Services

Other Useful Information

How to conduct international business in MYR currency
  • Payer and Payee must be Juristic Persons. The Payer’s company must be located in Thailand and the Payee’s company must be located in Malaysia.
  • The purpose of the funds transfer to Malaysia must be for goods or services.
  • A customer must have a document to confirm the transaction, which includes the amount in MYR, the purpose of the transaction, the company name in Thailand (Payer) and the company name in Malaysia (Payee). This document must not be issued more than 6-months previously.
  • For Non-Juristic Persons, or for other services, please contact any Bangkok Bank Trade Finance Business Center nationwide for more information.
  • Terms and Conditions and Fees of the service are as notified by Bangkok Bank.
How to Apply
For more information, call us at Corporate Service Center (66) 0 2031 7888 on Monday - Friday (excepting Bank holidays) from 8:00a.m.–8:30p.m.

Tools & Assistance

For more information, call us at
Corporate Service Center
(66) 0 2031 7888

Tools & Assistance

For more information, call us at Corporate Service Center (66) 0 2031 7888

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