Payment Services

Make payments with ease using convenient channels. Manage your business efficiently.

PromptBiz Service

A centralised platform to support comprehensive digital trading transactions and payments in the commerce business. Reduce costs, convenient and easy to verify and reduce the process of applying for loans

e-Withholding Tax Service

Submit withholding tax and information to the Revenue Department through an electronic system. Convenient, simple process and reduce cost.

Bangkok Bank Network Payment Service via Corporate iCash

Convenient, cost saving and secure cash management service via Corporate iCash available for customers in Cambodia Myanmar Vietnam and Malaysia.

Cheque Payment

Spend less time on issuing and distributing cheques, saving time and costs.

Bualuang Payroll

Pay your staff on time and receive special benefits for your company and employees.

Direct Credit

Make payments to your business counterparts accurately and on time.

Own Account Transfer & Third Party Transfer

Transfer funds conveniently and efficiently manage your company’s accounts.

Funds Transfer via SMART

Make bulk cross-bank funds transfers easily and according to scheduled instructions.

BAHTNET Funds Transfer

Make high-value funds transfers to accounts at other banks. The beneficiary will receive the funds on the same day.

PromptPay Bulk Payment

Transfer funds using a Tax ID, Citizen ID, or mobile phone number, instead of an account number.

Online Tax Payment

Pay your taxes online from your Bangkok Bank account to the Revenue Department.

Customs Paperless e-Payment

Pay customs duties via online funds transfer 24/7.

Social Security Payment

Pay social security contributions via online funds transfer.

International Funds Transfer (Outward)

Make SWIFT funds transfers to an overseas beneficiary through international branches and correspondent banks.

Online Money Transfer

Transfer funds to beneficiaries without a Bangkok Bank account. Cash can be received at any branch nationwide.

iCash Card and Petty Cash Card

Use an iCash card or Petty Cash card to make payments instead of funds transfer.



Receive money in your accounts quickly, securely, and cost-effectively.


Liquidity Management

Manage accounts of your company or group companies easily to enhance business opportunities and operations.

Tools & Assistance

For more information, call us at
Corporate Service Center
(66) 0 2031 7888

Tools & Assistance

For more information, call us at Corporate Service Center (66) 0 2031 7888

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