Cookies Policy

                Bangkok Bank Public Company Limited (the “Bank”) uses Cookies or other similar technologies on the Bank’s website in order to provide you with a better experience from use of website and to enable the Bank to improve the quality of the Bank's website service to better meet your preference.

         1. What are Cookies?

                Cookies are small files of data which are downloaded to web browsers on your electronic devices or your internet connection devices in order to store information about your Bank’s website visits and settings. The Bank servers will retrieve the stored information, and collect and use such information to continuously and efficiently develop the Bank’s service.

         2. Types and Purposes of Use of Cookies

                The Bank’s website will use Cookies according to the types and purposes namely:

                2.1 Strictly Necessary Cookies – These Cookies are necessary for performance of the Bank’s website in order that you can access to information and use the Bank's website safely;

                2.2 Functional Cookies – These Cookies will recognize you during website visit and personalize the website aligned with your use in order to facilitate you when you revisit the website;

                2.3 Analytic/Performance Cookies – These Cookies will enable the Bank to analyze or evaluate website performance and to understand your interest in order to manage, improve and better the Bank’s website;

                2.4 Marketing/Advertising Cookies – These Cookies will memorize your personalized setting for use of the Bank’s website and use such information for webpage customization in order to set up, modify and properly introduce information or advertisement to suit your interest and preference.

         3. Data Collection of Cookies

                The Bank will automatically collect your website visit information through Cookies provided that such information will neither be able to directly identify your identity nor contain specific personal information. Each type of Cookies is used to collect and use data for the purposes detailed below:

Type of Cookies

Collection and Use of Data

Strictly Necessary Cookies

To collect the user log-in data to prevent multiple log-ins; to collect the visitor’s website usage data; to collect and check the status of Cookies consent; to effectively manage network server system; to prevent cross-site request forgery; to prevent any incoming data that may damage the website or decrease website’s efficiency.

Functional Cookies

To memorize user’s preferred language and recent keyword search in order to show result for the user’s next site visit.

Analytic Cookies

To collect the usage statistic and track user’s behavior; to identify users; to collect the usage statistic of the third parties’ embedded videos; to verify the website usage to prevent other malicious websites; to throttle website’s request rate.

Advertising Cookies

To anonymously identify user sessions or different browsers in order to improve the analysis of usage statistic and advertisement on the Bank’s websites or other websites.

                To use Cookies abovementioned, the Bank may disclose the information collected from use of Cookies to the third-parties being Cookies processors such as Microsoft, Google, YouTube, Facebook and Line for the purpose of analyzing or evaluating the website’s performance or advertisement. The Bank requests you to study Cookies policy and privacy policy of the third parties published on their websites to acknowledge methods and purposes of the third parties’ data usage or through the following links;

                Microsoft :
                Google :
                Facebook : and

         4. Cookies Setting and Disabling of Cookies

                You can choose to disable Cookies by setting your browser at “Cookies Setting” or your privacy setting in order to disable the storage of data through Cookies in the future (you may inquire more information on Cookies setting and disabling of Cookies at

                However, some services on the Bank’s website require Cookies. If you set your browser or your privacy by disabling all Cookies, it may cause you inconvenience in using the Bank’s website and limiting website usage.

         5. Website Connection to External Parties

                The Bank may connect the Bank’s website to other websites which are under control of external parties for advertising or offering benefits based on your interest. The external parties may collect information in your website usage which may be information you have given to the Bank via the Bank’s website such as browse history, website access, page that you visited after leaving the Bank’s website. You should study more about Cookies policy, privacy policy, and terms or conditions on utilization of website of external parties to acknowledge the Cookies usage and management, the use of website, and other processes of such external parties.

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