Updated standard for SWIFT message: the maximum capacity of SWIFT fields related to the port/airport/place of goods transportation information (fields 44E, 44F, 44A, and 44B of MT700 and similar MTs) is increased from the original 65 characters to 140 characters.

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Asia Trade Fast Track

Speed up your international trade. Transfer or receive money from a Bangkok Bank branch in Asia and PermataBank Indonesia within the same day



Digitized trade finance to empower your business. Enable you digitally manage all your international trade transactions end to end with an easy-to-use web application.


e-Forms services

Request a trade transaction easier. Just download and fill in the electronic application form

Import Services

We can help you to manage your import process with our full range of import services and finance for importers

Export Services

Get full support for your export business until you receive payment from your overseas trade partners

RMB International Trade Services

Efficiently manage your international business using RMB to settle transactions with business partners in China

MYR International Trade Services

Reduce the cost of trade and currency exchange risk while increasing your business opportunities with Malaysia

Electronic import and export services

Save time spent on administration and reduce business costs and paperwork while enhancing your business liquidity


Trade Expert Knowledge Sharing

Useful knowledge from trusted experts around Thailand for importer or exporter to help you reach your business goals quickly and in a sustainable way

Tools & Assistance

For more information, call us at
Corporate Service Center
(66) 0 2031 7888

Tools & Assistance

For more information, call us at Corporate Service Center (66) 0 2031 7888

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