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Additional Information

Information required when sending funds to Myanmar via SWIFT (from June 1, 2020 onwards)

Advice to transfer funds to Myanmar via SWIFT

From June 1, 2020 onwards, the Central Bank of Myanmar requires Bangkok Bank’s customers to indicate the ITRS Code (International Transactions Reporting System Code) for International Fund Transfer transactions to Myanmar. Therefore, you are advised to obtain an ITRS Code from your recipient in Myanmar and provide the code in the "Application for Outward Remittance" form to enable Bangkok Bank to include the ITRS Code in the SWIFT message to the beneficiary bank in Myanmar with the purpose of the payment to the Central Bank of Myanmar. If you do not indicate the ITRS Code, or provide the wrong ITRS Code, it may cause a delay in the payment to your recipient, and you may have to pay an additional charge if the bank in Myanmar applies a charge for having to send an inquiry about the ITRS Code to Bangkok Bank.


Example: How to indicate the ITRS Code in an Application for Outward Remittance

If you wish to transfer funds for goods to a recipient in Myanmar, indicate ITRS Code 1100



ITRS stands for "International Transactions Reporting System Code" which is a 4-digit numeric code to indicate the purpose of a remittance transaction and comply with the Central Bank of Myanmar regulations.

1. Goods exported and imported 
2. Transport and travel services
3. Other services
4. Income
5. Transfers 
7. Transactions in claims (assets) on non-residents 
8. Transactions in liabilities to non-residents
9. Transfer of funds between residents
10. Realized gains or losses


More information about ITRS Code

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