Warning about sending money to a fraudulent account

Currently, criminals are using various techniques such as impersonation, forgery, and email hacking to change the details of transfer recipients in order to trick the sender into sending money to a criminal’s account which is causing great financial damage.

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Key Benefits


Secure with the highest level of security system and technology trusted by global leading banks.

24/7 service

View and download reports conveniently and view funds summaries 24/7.


Make a switching order by applying for a new proportion for current investment and/or apply for a new proportion for a new investment.

Additional Information

Services Available
Services for Fund Committees

  • Members' Balance Report
  • Monthly Members' Contribution Report

Services for Fund Members

  • Individual Summary Report
  • 6-month and 12-month Individual Summary Reports
How to apply

Easily apply for the service by simply following the steps below:

  1. Obtain a Bualuang iFunds application form at the Securities Service Department, Bangkok Bank or by email:
  • Application for Bualuang iFunds Service (Fund Committee)
  • Application for Bualuang iFunds Service (Fund Member)

Once completed, the application form will need to be signed by the authorized signatories of your fund committee.

  1. Prepare documents (needed by authorized signatories)
  • Copy of Thai Citizen ID card, certified as a true copy
  • Copy of valid Passport (for foreigner), certified as a true copy

  1. Submit the completed application form along with the required documents and deliver to the address in the form.

  2. The Bank will issue provident fund envelopes and deliver to the fund committee.
    Conditions for Username and Password

    A Username and Password is a code you select that meets the following conditions:


    • Must be 8-32 alphanumeric characters
    • Can use English letters or digits or combinations
    • Must be different from (VRU ID)
    • Special characters are allowed, except: @ / \ [] ; | = + * ? <> and "
    • Must be different from other username in the system


    • Must be 8-32 alphanumeric characters
    • Must contain at least two letters and one digit
    • Must be English characters only and consist of lowercase and uppercase letters
    • Special characters are allowed, except % & and +
    • Must be different from the VRU ID and PIN issued by the Bank

    Please keep your VRU ID and PIN confidential as they will be required if you forget the answers to the secret questions. Members will need to contact the Bank to unlock the system and regain access to the service.

    Security Standards

    The Bank employs leading edge technology to make Bualuang iFunds secure and reliable.

    Secure Socket Layer (SSL)

    SSL encrypts and converts all data that moves between you and the Bank into numerical coding. This encryption process ensures that the data remains secure.

    256-Bit Encryption

    The Bank uses a 256-Bit algorithm, which is the highest level of encryption currently available for use in the world's banking industry.


    The Bank uses several firewall layers to protect the integrity of our system and your personal data.


    Call us at (66) 0 2680 9555


    Call us at (66) 0 2680 9555

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