Wealth Solution Service

Your financial partner, assisting you to safeguard your wealth and achieve your financial and investment goals.

Our team of expert financial advisors can help on financial and investment planning for Bualuang Exclusive members.

Privileges and Benefits

Discounts and Fee Waivers

Fee waiver for gift cheques and cashier cheques.
Complimentary cheque books.
50% discount on the regular rental fee for a safe-deposit box.

Bualuang Home Loans

Special interest rates.
Waiver of appraisal fee for Bualuang Home Loans and multi-purpose loans.

Foreign Currency Exchange and Outward Remittance Service

Discount on foreign exchange rates when buying banknotes, or making international funds transfers.

Credit Cards for an Exclusive Lifestyle

Experience exclusive privileges to suit your lifestyle with Bangkok Bank Visa Infinite Card or Bangkok Bank Platinum Leader Card.

News & Knowledge

Financial and investment insights together with a variety of lifestyle content.

Exclusive Facilities

Experience the elegance and professional service for Bualuang Exclusive members.


Bualuang Phone Exclusive
Tel. (66) 0 2645 5999

You will have access to exclusive personal phone banking services available 24 hours a day, every day.