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Helping customers make the most of their business opportunities in the AEC.

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Providing focused knowledge about the AEC, including economic insights, trade and investment opportunities.

AEC Vision

We are determined to help our customers identify great opportunities and achieve success in the AEC.

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AEC Business Forum

Offering economic insights and fresh perspectives on trade, investment and business trends in the AEC.

AEC Business Leader

Helping Thai business people and entrepreneurs start businesses in the AEC or expand to the region.

AEC Investment Clinic

Sharing knowledge on trade and investment as well as case studies on business success in the AEC.    

ASEAN Insights

ASEAN Digest

Sharing business insights and identifying market opportunities in ASEAN.

AEC Corner

Providing useful information about ASEAN’s industries and economies.


AEC Connect Center
Tel. (66) 0 2230 2758


AEC Connect Center
Tel. (66) 0 2230 2758