AEC Business Leader Program Postponement

Due to the spread of COVID-19, AEC Business Leader Program Class 5 has been postponed, with our priority given to the health of our customers, speakers and entrepreneurs. We will inform you again about the program’s schedule when the situation returns to normal.

About AEC Business Leader

The AEC Business Leader Program delivers insights and experiences to Thai business owners and entrepreneurs wishing to start or expand their businesses to other countries in ASEAN. Through this program they will learn about ASEAN cultures, and gain practical knowledge in business skill development, building a strong entrepreneurial network, and successful business strategies in ASEAN.


  • Provide guidance and understanding about starting businesses in ASEAN
  • Enhance competitive management that will help with expansion to domestic and international markets, especially in ASEAN
  • Develop expertise, learn how to operate a business, and penetrate ASEAN markets
  • Build a strong business network with entrepreneurs in various industries
  • Provide entrepreneurs with insights and knowledge about ASEAN countries

AEC Business Leader Class 5

Course Modules

  • ASEAN Insights
  • Business Skills
  • Business Facilitation
  • High-Level Business Networking
  • Business Plan Development

Learning and Development Activities

  • Classroom
  • Sharing Experiences and Inspirations
  • Group Exercise & Activities


  • ASEAN Business Trip
  • Investment Advisory Clinic
  • Business Matching Sessions
  • VIP Seats for Seminars
  • ASEAN Investment Guidebook

Program Sessions and Fee

  • Program Sessions: 13 weeks including extracurricular activities and business trip
  • Fee: 100,000 baht per person (does not include the of the overseas business trip)


  • Qualifications
  • Application Form
  • How to apply
  • Schedules

Documents Download

  • Program Details
  • Speaker Details

  • (Available in Thai only)


AEC Connect Center
Tel. (66) 0 2230 2758


AEC Connect Center
Tel. (66) 0 2230 2758

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